Why learn Italian?

Language is the vehicle that embraces the culture of the people. Learning Italian opens the doors to the wonderful world of Bel Paese, it allows you to peek into centuries of history and gastronomic culture, the beauty of design, landscapes and fashion.

Learning Italian reconnects you with your roots (if you have Italian ancestry), it makes you part of a way of being and thinking that many yearn to enjoy: la dolce vita. And it has the plus of  improving the functioning of your brain because you learn to recognize and negotiate meanings and to communicate in different language codes. This gives the brain plasticity which keeps it young.

To access the Italian cultural and legislative landscape and promote true integration, we believe that knowing the Italian language is essential to foster unity and the ability to forge closer relationships with one’s own culture.

Learn it!

Free courses and resources

We have found these free courses, with which you can start your learning process.
Will you dare? Italy awaits you!


Learning Italian from the comfort of your home and at your own pace is easy with Italiano a casa tua. Start now and open the door to the Italian culture!

It is a fairly intuitive course that starts at level 0 to c2. As far as we have seen, you do not need to register and you can immediately start testing their tools.

Start now and open the door to Italian culture!

Knowing the language of a Country is essential to live and build a full and satisfactory integration path with its culture. The Grande portale della lingua italiana  is the new tool created by the Ministries of the Interior, Education and Research and Rai Educational to learn Italian.

It is a useful tool both for foreigners who will be able to improve their knowledge of the language, and for teachers, who do not always have multimedia materials to support their teaching.

The Portal offers accessible multimedia products on a single platform. There are two main sections: – Impariamo l’italiano, for adult foreigners; – Naviga nell’italiano, for teachers.